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Promotional Pens - (Wooden Ballpens)

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Promotional Wooden Ballpens

Do you know why wooden pens make for even better promo pens with your logo? Firstly plastic is far less bio-degradable than wood. Customers these days prefer doing business with “ and regard highly “ companies that show care for the environment. Eventually, it translates into caring for your customers. Show your target audience that you care. Logo X offers a range of wooden pens including rosewood pens and a logo imprinting service that will let you convey just that. The rosewood pens come in a presentation box that offers ample space to print your logo and brand name. Choose from a selection of these pens with logo depending on your promotional budget as well as your marketing goals. Project your brand as a green one. Please contact our London office on 0207 101 0722 or our Manchester branch on 0161 875 2500 for same day quotes.