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  • Printed Lanyards
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Printed Lanyards and Branded Lanyards

In search for a perfect corporate giveaway for your company's upcoming tradeshow event, conference or convention? Printed lanyards are one of the best marketing items that can make your brand known in the tradeshow floor! These branded lanyards in particular are like walking advertisers because they promote your brand and market your message while they are worn. The printed lanyard already did the introduction for you when passerby sees a recipient wearing a lanyard with your company name. It is an instant brand recognition, looking like a piece of cake! Logo X has a complete collection of branded lanyards that are specially designed to make your brand logo stand out. Our team of creative experts will go the extra mile to bring your business a highly visible name in today's competitive market. This category features a range of printed lanyards, pull reel lanyards and lanyard wallets that are all made from a variety of materials. The items can be either be hanged around your neck or clipped on shirts or bottom. Also, our printed lanyards are suited for internal staffs to carry their ID cards with them. It is actually two benefits in one: improved security of your company while reiterating the importance of your company logo to customers and clients. The ubiquitousness of printed lanyards in schools, banks, offices, and hospitals prove their utmost functionality, but in case you need more reason to call on them as promotional items, here are the ways you can utilise this essential - In fact, our custom lanyards and badges are one of the most popular promotional items here at Logo X. Since it is something that is found everywhere and can cost you only for a few bucks, we still make sure that your brand experiences its optimal advertisement value. Need more choices beside these printed lanyards? Browse through our vast array of promotional items and corporate giveaways and discover unique items that are a great value for your investment. You may also contact a Logo X representative at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we will be happy to accommodate your brand's specific needs.