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Ideas for Finance

  • Ideas for Finance
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Ideas for Finance

Promoting your bank or financial institution doesn’t need to be grand. Sometimes, a simple yet catchy strategy works more than fine. One perfect example is utilising finance promotional products. This tactic helps promote brand awareness in a subtle way. This is because bank-themed giveaways make face-to-face conversations and negotiations a little more exciting than usual. They serve as a friendly and quirky reminder that your clients’ money is safe in your hands. Give these out to newly-signed up customers for a positive first impression. Here at Logo X, we carry an extensive line of finance promotional products that can initiate daily interaction with your recipients and expose your logo in public. We have a low-cost pen in frosted or solid colours, card holders, sticky notes, money boxes, piggy banks, coin purses, document wallets, and money clips, a few among many others. All of these promotional products can be customised according to your marketing budget, target market, and specific branding needs. Our offices in London and Manchester are just one call away! Contact us directly at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 and a Logo X associate will answer all your queries.