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ECO Products

  • Recycled Pens and Stationary
    Recycled Pens and Stationary Recycled Pens and Stationary £0.10 More Info
  • Recycled Bags
    Recycled Bags Eco and Recycled Bags £0.26 More Info
  • Recycled and Eco Home
    Recycled and Eco Home Recycled and Eco Home £0.28 More Info
  • Flowers and Seeds
    Flowers and Seeds Keep the earth green with Promotional Fl... £0.28 More Info
  • Caps and Lanyards
    Caps and Lanyards Caps and Lanyards £0.30 More Info
  • Eco Outdoor items
    Eco Outdoor items Eco Outdoor items £0.39 More Info

Printed Recycled and Environmentally Friendly Products

Presenting your brand as an environment enthusiast and nature keeper would help a lot in your brand marketing strategy. To do this, you have to choose eco promotional products that are beneficial for both of your company and your customers. Economical and recycled products are produced from raw materials and manufactured in considerably less energy, making them a perfect promotional item for businesses whose aim is to promote a corporate social responsibility. This promotional merchandise option when printed with your logo can also give a great impression when distributed in trade show events and conferences. Since more people are becoming concerned about the environmental issues, giving out such eco-friendly products would let customers know that you share the same environmental concerns and values. When it comes to providing high quality eco promotional products, you can trust on Logo X's team of creative experts. We offer a wide range of economical and recycled products that are made from recycled denim, tyres, lunch trays, cards, papers, plastic and bottles, and other sustainable materials. All our eco promotional products from recycled bags and umbrellas to recycled pens and stationery, badges, magnet, and keyrings, eco outdoor items, caps and lanyards, as well as eco home products can all be customised with your company logo or brand's message. We also offer a range of products made from sustainable timber and natural cotton. These recycled and sustainable materials are the perfect choice when considering an ethical marketing campaign. Turning into these eco smart products could give your brand a recognition for its contribution in ensuring that the environment is protected through ethical production and processes. At Logo X, we ensure that you get the satisfaction of providing your customers or clients with eco promotional products that don't cause harm to the environment, while at the same time giving your brand a solid reputation and lasting exposure. Looking forward to boosting your brand's identity? If you think these are the perfect marketing item for your branding needs, then feel free to contact us at any time of your convenience. We serve all locations in the United Kingdom, and have offices in London and Manchester. Give us a call at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 and we'll be happy to answer all your inquiries.