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Drinks Coasters

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Printed Promotional Drinks Coasters

Want something to match up with promotional mugs? Nothing can ever compliment mugs like the way coasters do. So the next time you think of a marketing gift or corporate giveaway, promotional drinks coasters would be a perfect idea. Sending out promotional drinks coasters to your clients along with your latest catalogue is yet another impressive marketing move. You don't just hand them out custom coasters to protect their tabletop, but also leave them a message that you are sincere staying connected with them. Since the age of the business card is slowly dying out, people are keeping less files and address books. Promotional coasters have become a great alternative to business cards, because they can you're your company details and contact information every time they pick up and put down their drinks. If the average tea drinker has around 8 cups a day, and takes around 10 sips to drink one cup, then they have seen your printed coaster 80 times in one day! Logo X has a vast array of promotional drinks coasters that are made from different materials such as plastic, metal, hardwood, acrylic, and glass. We also have puzzle coasters and recycled coasters if you want to stray away from the traditional ones. Coaster marketing is effective because it gets people’s attention. Read here to know the 11 Ways to Use Personalised Coasters for Your Business. Of course, all these items can be customised or printed with your logo to give your brand the recognition it deserves! You are in good hands because Logo X has been in the promotional merchandise industry for over 20 years now. We serve all locations in the United Kingdom, and have offices in London and Manchester. Looking for more choices beside these promotional drinks coasters? Browse our website and find the best promotional product that suits your branding needs. You may also contact a Logo X representative at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we will be happy to accommodate your brand's specific needs.